Hidden Cove – Lake Lewisville, TX

(June 14 – June 18, 2020 – 5 Nights)

We took several day-trips to area lakes to find a campground to take the grandchildren on a staycation. All of us, especially the grandchildren, were ready for our traditional camping trip. Our goal was to find a campground where the campsites were far apart, isolated from large crowd gatherings, and to make our reservations for week-days’ stay, avoiding the weekend crowds. The Coronavirus quarantine is gradually being lifted; however, with the reported high number of people still being infected with the virus, we took every precaution necessary.

Hidden Cove (http://www.hiddencovepark.net/) ended up being the perfect solution. It is only 21-miles from our house to the campground. Parker and Blake, our two grandsons are full-swing into the baseball season. This close distance allowed the boys to visit with a few over-night stays while we commuted them back and forth to their baseball practices and games in McKinney.

Our check-in date was at 3 pm on Sunday, June 14. On Sunday evening there were large crowds of people, as we expected, in the area of the Marina, main swim beach area, volleyball court, and water sport rentals which we avoided. However, our campsite #7 was lakeside and quite the distance from the campsites on either side, it was perfect! The area directly in front of our campsite was a good place for the kids to swim and they were always the only ones swimming in this area.

The grandchildren were instructed that they were not able to meet other kids in the campground and mingle which is one of their favorite things to do when camping. They would need to keep 6-ft social distancing, if anyone should approach them. However, this was not an issue where we camped. The campground was not fully occupied, there were very few campers around us. Only one campsite across from us with two kids close to the girl’s ages which appeared to be there for their daughter’s baseball tournaments (observed her in baseball uniform); they were rarely at their campsite.

Monday was the only day all four were together and it was a very nice day!

Everyone had a great time. Parker and Blake spent the first night, and the girls came up for the day on Monday. They swam and Papa pulled them behind his Porta-Bote with a 5-HP motor, they kept requesting he go faster, but this little motor was going as fast it could with no wakes!

Blake had a game Monday night, so we all went to his baseball game (his team won 9 to 4), the girls went home and Blake spent the second night at the campsite. Parker had baseball games on Tuesday so he could not come back out. Tuesday it was Blake, Addison and Lily for the entire day with more swimming, volleyball, corn-hole and Taco Tuesday’s at Rosa’s Cafe. Blake was picked up Tuesday evening, and the next three nights, Addison and Lily stayed at the campsite with us.

It was windy and the water was white-capping, choppy the next few days. We drove over to the marina and found the water to be calmer for the girls to swim, there were very few people in the area on Wednesday and Thursday.


Volleyball without a net!

We are very thankful for God’s blessings in allowing us to take our grandchildren on camping trips with us which they absolutely love and enjoy. Prayers for all who have lost someone to the Coronavirus and pray for a vaccine to bring physical health to the people in our Country and across the world.

I Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.”

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