Beavers Bend State Park, Broken Bow, Oklahoma with Grandson, Parker (July 10-14, 2018)

Beavers Bend Campground Map

Cypress and Acorn campgrounds, lower right side


Game of Washers

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it hundreds of times that Beavers Bend State Park in Broken Bow, Oklahoma  is one of our favorite family camping spots for many reasons, but mainly it’s the trout fishing since they stock trout in the Mountain Fork River that runs through the park.  Sadly, over the past several visits, we have been disappointed that not only are we not catching, many people we talk to also say they too are not catching trout.  Thankfully, Parker doesn’t really care much about fishing, especially if they aren’t biting and he likes Beavers Bend for the hiking trails, kayaking/canoeing, swimming, horseback trail rides, riding his bike and for meeting new friends.IMG_4474Parker, is our 10-year old grandson and he had a choice of spending his week at Marval Resort in Gore, Oklahoma or Beavers Bend.  We tried to talk him into Marval Resort because this is where the girls wanted to spend their week with Nana and Papa, but he was persistent that Beavers Bend was his choice.

It’s difficult planning around the grandchildren’s busy summer schedules with church camps, sports camps and family trips, so the only week available for us to take Parker was the week of his younger brother Blake’s 6th birthday.  We did FaceTime him the morning of his birthday and he was excited to show us this sign in their front yard!img_4667.jpg

Parker and Papa went to pick-up the RV from storage on Tuesday, July 10 and we planned on our leaving Wednesday morning.  However, they were calling Nana, who stayed at home to pack, to say they wanted to leave when they got home with the RV.   We didn’t have reservations at Beavers Bend as we camp in the unreserved area of the park, so leaving a day earlier was not a problem other than Nana having to rush to be ready a day earlier than planned.IMG_4457

When we arrived early evening, none of our favorite Acorn Circle riverside camping sites were available and all of the campgrounds were crowded.  We did however find a nice shaded campsite in the wooded section of Cypress campground.

We were fortunate in the selection of our campsite as there was a very nice family with three boys camping beside us; the Farrell’s from Edmond, Oklahoma.  Parker immediately began a friendship with the boys, Paul, Jr., Joe and John, their parents Paul, Sr. and Megan.


The Farrell Family, Megan, unfortunately was not available for photo.

There were a few rain showers during our stay but the down-time was spent playing games.  Parker, Nana and Papa had UNO tournaments.  Parker won the first between him and Nana, so he had to have his play-off with Papa.  We also played several games of washers and the board game Sorry which Parker wanted to purchase on this trip as an addition to our camper-games.IMG_4413

Daily we all three rode our bikes together through the park including Gabby in her dog-carrier.   Parker and Papa rented paddle boards and the two of them had fun out on the river, it turned out to be easier to sit on the paddle board and maneuver versus standing on the board and it was easier on the legs.IMG_4396

Papa was determined to get up early one morning in an attempt to catch trout.  He and Parker were able to confirm what we had heard, the fish just weren’t biting.

The fishing bridge at Lost Creek that was destroyed in a storm flood a few years ago has finally been rebuilt.  No longer the small bridge we used to be able to sit on with our lawn chairs and cast our lines into the flowing river, the new bridge is now much stronger, bigger and too high above the water to cast off of.  Instead there’s now a nice shady spot under the bridge where we saw people fishing.  The Lost Creek area just downstream from the bridge is mostly gone and will never be the same as before the storm.

We rented kayaks a couple of times on this trip.  One of the days, the Farrell family joined us.  They had their own kayaks/raft and the boys had so much fun between the three of them in their own kayaks.  There was a rope swing at one of the river campsites and the boys docked their kayaks and spent some time swinging off the rope into the river.QTOD5965

Parker and Papa rode the go-carts, located at the park entrance.  There is another go-cart rental at the turn-off to Broken Bow Lake.

The Farrell Family invited us to join them in roasting marshmallows and making s’mores one evening at their campsite and on another night we made our own campfire and roasted marshmallows again for s’mores.  Parker so enjoys helping build the campfire and having s’mores.

Parker accepted Jesus into his heart at Camp Wow through Prestonwood Baptist Church this summer and it was a blessing to see the change in him, even at his young age.  He sat on the hammock with his cell phone and  wearing headphones listening to “I Can Only Imagine” and singing his heart out.  He did not realize how loud he was singing with his headphones and anyone close by could hear him singing his sweet melodies.   What a testimony at 10-year’s old!


Camping wears a boy out!

It’s our goal to hit all of the hiking trails at Beavers Bend with Parker!  Parker loves to hike and every place Papa and Nana go where there is hiking, we think about him and wish he was with us to experience the hiking trails.  This trip we hiked the South Park trail.  We have already hiked Beaver Creek Trail, Cedar Bluff Trail and Heritage Tree Trail.  Parker may need to wait until he’s a little older or has someone else to hike Skyline Trail with him because it is a 7-mile hike and is recommended for experienced hikers.

Parker is our big camper and keeps wanting to go on a long road trip with us.  He has been wanting to go to Utah with us since he saw the pictures from our last Utah trip.  Hopefully we’ll be able to take him one day, although, it will be longer than a 1-week trip.


Playing board game, Sorry, in the RV, what fun!

“All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.”

John 1:3

3 thoughts on “Beavers Bend State Park, Broken Bow, Oklahoma with Grandson, Parker (July 10-14, 2018)

  1. I often brought large groups of up to 200 there for retreats in the group camping areas for our Baptist Student Ministry and for Internationals. a highlight was always midnight hikes seeing a caterpillar of lights moving through the forest as flashlights and iPhones showed the way. canoeing that bend in the river away from all of the noise with bluffs and swift moving water was one of my lap counters for the year. Our family also enjoyed Beaver’s Bend. There is a fun 18 hole golf course in the upper park. We never made it out on the main lake itself because a canoe out there spends more time trying not to tump over due to power boats’ wakes than actually fishing or paddling. I agree, great place, great memories.


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