Cedar Waxwing Birds

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.”   

——-Chinese Proverb

Most of my blogs are about our travel adventures in our 5th Wheel, but after seeing these beautiful birds this morning, I wanted to share my experiences with the Cedar Waxwing.

About 11-years ago, after moving into our new home with a large window providing great views of an open common-area with large trees, I discovered this beautiful bird!   The large flocks of these unique-looking birds intrigued me as I didn’t know what kind of bird it was and they had completely infiltrated all of the trees.

Grabbing our camera with a zoom lens, I began snapping photos of this new discovery.  I submitted a few of the best photos to an online bird-watching site where I quickly learned the beautiful creation I was seeing was the Cedar Waxwing.CedarWaxwings Pair March2012Cedar Waxwings appear around the March time-frame in our Dallas, TX area; this year the first-siting was March 21, 2018.  The birds eat berries that fill the trees and sometimes actually become intoxicated by eating overly ripe berries or sugary-fruit that have begun to ferment.

A few year’s ago there was an article in the Dallas Morning News reporting that several of these birds were found dead.  The story went on to report they had all died from eating fermented berries or fruit.   We found one of these little Cedar Waxwing’s on our patio last year, it was still alive, but obviously struggling and not able to fly.  I quickly did an Internet search to find how I might help it survive.  The suggestion given was to attempt putting the struggling bird in a protective area so predators could not get to it, as it was probably intoxicated and sometimes they recover and will fly away.   I was able to scoop the bird into a box in a safe, open area outside, but unfortunately the next morning the bird was motionless and dead.

I have always loved watching birds, but not an avid bird-watcher and do not have a broad knowledge of all the large variety of birds.  It is a blessing to be able to enjoy all of God’s creations whether it is just sitting at my breakfast table having my morning devotions and looking outside the window; taking a walk with Gabby or a bike-ride on the camping trails; sitting outside our camper having morning coffee or just about doing anything in the great outdoors!  The love of nature is just another reason why RV’ing is so enjoyable. 

God has provided all the beauty that surrounds us for our enjoyment.  Get out-doors and enjoy life, praising God for all He has given to us.

Psalm 104 

“Praise to the Sovereign Lord for His Creation and Providence”





3 thoughts on “Cedar Waxwing Birds

  1. Thanks karen. Didn’t see any at our feeders yest and will be in palm desert today. Hope they will still be around when we return next week. Are they migrating through? Hugs. K

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    • Kaye, thanks for your comment on the Cedar Waxwings. Yes, they migrate in our area every year about this time, completely filling the trees outside our window in the common area. Fortunately, I got to see them yesterday because I do not see them today. Several people commented that they have seen them over the past few weeks, so guessing with us being out of town, I just missed seeing them earlier than yesterday and now their gone. Anyways, they actually eat berries, sugary fruit, so you may not have seen them on your feeder for that reason. Have fun in Palm Desert!


  2. nice to know i found one last week in my greenhouse not quite completed it flew in one side still open and i thought hit the other side glass panels thinking it might have broke its next just lying motionless I buried it but will make sure not still breathing for sure next time as we have a lot of wild berries in our area Magnolia Texas


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