RV Garage/Port Homes Wanted Dallas, TX

We live in the North Dallas, Texas area, in an upscale patio home in a golf course, zero lot line subdivision with good HOA guidelines that we appreciate and want to also have in our next residence.  After having owned several RV’s over the past several years, we currently own and travel extensively in a recent model 5th wheel RV.  We enjoy using our  RV to travel this great country of ours and take both short and long road trips.  Sometimes we are vacationing with family and other times it’s the two of us staying on the road for weeks and months exploring.  We have five grandchildren that absolutely love taking trips with us on their Spring Breaks, long weekends and during the summer months.

As much as we thoroughly enjoy our RV, we will probably never become full-time RVers. We want our brick and mortar base home to return to after our travels.  Today, as we have for many years, we pay to have our RV stored off-site.  To be clear though, avoiding storage fees would be nice, but it’s not paying those costs that is an issue for us.  The bigger issue is the inconvenience of having our RV stored away off-site.  The inconvenience comes when addressing the extra effort required for trip related activity such as loading and unloading the RV or the inconvenience in cleaning and maintenance of the RV.  We would like to be able to use the RV when we’re back at home base, perhaps use the RV for a quick, spur-of-the-moment weekend tailgate sporting event.

We visited our first RV Garage Homes’ Community  in Lake Havasu City, Arizona a few years ago.  Since visiting this community, we continue to wonder why these communities are not more common and why residential builders are not building these types of communities in our City.   Some say that builders only see a demand for these communities in areas considered as “snow-bird” populated cities/states where the more temperate climate invites multi-month seasonal stays.   Again, we question why?

A builder could include an RV Garage home plan as simply one of the available plans for a custom community.  Since the RV would be wholly contained within the garage, the builder plan would only need to restrict those plans to lots within the development that can provide the turn/approach access to maneuver into the RV garage.  Other than that, the rest of the homes can be non-RV style.

There are a large number of RV/Motorhome owners who live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.   We believe that a dedicated RV community built with RV garage homes, on smaller lots with smaller square foot homes and large 12 ft wide, 60 ft long, 16 ft high garages or ports would quickly sell-out.

There are RV garage home floor plans you can find with a search on the Internet. However,  you need to own acreage or purchase a residential lot in a subdivision that accepts the RV-Port style of home and in North Dallas that is difficult to find.

RV Garage House Plans:   https://www.architecturaldesigns.com/

Read the Article: Real Estate Research, titled “Surging Demand for Homes with RV Parking”  https://www.realestateconsulting.com/surging-demand-for-homes-with-rv-parking/.

Attention Residential Developers and New Home Builders: We are not asking for another over 50-Senior Community. Over the last several years we have traveled to and stayed in resorts and campgrounds in all 49 land reachable states.  We talk to literally hundreds of fellow RVers.  We’ve met other over 50s for sure but not surprisingly we have seen younger adults, both singles and couples, that have achieved their goal of being able to work and not be office bound (think tech and internet based careers), we have met those who for them a large home and family just wasn’t in the cards but they too would like a home that supports their RV lifestyle. We believe a community with RV Garages will be sold-out by a wide-range age of buyers.

We ask that you consider conducting a Market Survey of those that attend the popular and well attended RV Shows that are held annually in Dallas and Fort Worth.  This year’s Dallas show is at the Dallas Market Hall scheduled for February 21-24, 2019.  We believe such a survey should substantiate the viable market for RV-Port Homes in Dallas.

A few of the RV Garage/Port Communities Developed across the Country:




One thought on “RV Garage/Port Homes Wanted Dallas, TX

  1. Love it! Having a home with an attached RV garage in a DFW planned community would be a dream come true. Hopefully a good builder in this area will jump at the chance to do this.

    Share with any builders / developers in your area. I contacted the Dallas Home Builders Assoc., and sent emails to a few home developers/builders. Maybe if we can get numbers, someone may at least respond.


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